Ruling Deity: Surya

Ruling Planet: Sun

This direction gives us enthusiasm and enlightenment. Everyday, there is a new hope and new life on earth with the first ray of the rising sun.

Ruling Deity: Yama

Ruling Planet: Mars

This direction is ruled by the lord of death which also serves as a reminder for deterrence to those who are tempered by his/her cordinal opposite, lord kama. In this direction, all heavy things should be placed.


Ruling Deity: Kuber

Ruling Planet: Mercury

This is the direction that provides light in the darkness, protects our health, and restores our energy.

This direction seeks the blessings of lord of wealth and gratification which is not limited to finance.

(i) Cardinal Directions: north, south, east, west

(ii) Diagonal Directions:  Northwest




(iii)  Subdiagonal Directions:

East-Northeast      North-Northwest

East-Southeast      West-Southwest

South-Southeast     West-Northwest

North-Northeast     South-Northwest

Astrology is a divine science which enables us to peep into the future. The vedic astrology generally understood the science connected with horoscope reading, palmistry, horary, varshphala, mundane, metrology etc. Horoscope depicts the results of karmas performed by the native in his or her past birth known as Sanchit Karmas or generally called as Bhagya.

Bhagya is the accumulate balance of karmaphala of sanchit karmas and present karmas. The native performs the karmas and later enjoys or suffers according to his own karmas. Karmas are later divided into three groups:

(i)                Sanchit Karmas

(ii)              Prarabh Karmas

(iii)             Agami Karmas