Astrology is a divine science which enables us to peep into the future. The vedic astrology generally understood the science connected with horoscope reading, palmistry, horary, varshphala, mundane, metrology etc. Horoscope depicts the results of karmas performed by the native in his or her past birth known as Sanchit Karmas or generally called as Bhagya.

Bhagya is the accumulate balance of karmaphala of sanchit karmas and present karmas. The native performs the karmas and later enjoys or suffers according to his own karmas. Karmas are later divided into three groups:

(i)                Sanchit Karmas

(ii)              Prarabh Karmas

(iii)             Agami Karmas

Astrology  Significance of the Planets

Sun  (Sattwik, fiery, Kshatriya)

Karaka of health, father, power, authority, fame, name, government, royalty, medicine, eye diseases, wool, wood or timber, places of worship, brokerage of commission, blood circulation, parental uncle, service (6th house) , profession (10th  house), courage, patrimony, hon’ble rank, politician, doctor, physician, soul, forests, deserts, power or strength, fires, bones, stomach.


Moon (Sattwik, Watery, Vaishya)

Karaka of mother, travel, heart, mind, emotions, blood, watery places, liquids, gardening, salt, sea medicine, changes, hernia, left eye, foreign travel, milk, popularity, pearls, petroleum products, sea foods, scent, rich dishes, personality, fluids in the body.
Mars  (Tamasik, Fiery, Kshatriya)


Karaka of courage, younger, stamina, immovable property, diseases, enemies, blood, surgery, science, logic, lands, fire, defence, mathematics, step-mother, passions, anger, hatred, violence, sins, vindictiveness, lewdness, sudden death murders, accidents, poverty, bravery, fires of ambition, force, muscles, wounds, foes, loss of morals.


Mercury (Rajasik, Earthy, Shudra)

Karaka : Intelligence, education, friends, business and trade, mathematics, scientific learning, adeptness, speech, publisher, printer, teaching, flowers, maternal uncles and aunts, accountancy, clerks, nephews, adopted sons, pearls, oysters, black – magic, squint eye, laughter, smell, Vedas, puranas, eloquence, elder co-born, witty.
Jupiter  (Brahmin, Sattwik, Fiery)

Karaka of: Sons, husband, wealth, guru, intelligence, education, astrology, logic, scriptures’ knowledge, good qualities, jnana, control over senses, devotion, sacrifice, prosperity, paternal grandparents, good virtues, religion, faith, religious acts, royal honours.

Venus   (Rajasik, Airy, Brahmin)

Karaka: Wife, marriage, pleasures of senses, kama, conveyances, ornaments, luxury articles, watery places, passions, sexual desires, semen, silver, gems, pearls, flowers, comforts, eroticism, perfumes, fragrance, good clothes, wife’s parents, maternal grandparents, beauty, maanglaya karaka, decorations, sour, youth, dance, music, songs, drama, black hair, water sports, voluptuousness, libido, lust, treasure troves, wine, juicy objects, artistic talents, one who attaches great important to sex, eyes, composer, vehicles.
Saturn (Tamasik, Airy, Outcaste)

Karaka: longevity, miseries, calamities ,      death, old age,  disease, poverty, penury, slavery, sins, fear, secrecy imprisonment, services, science, law, oil, minerals, worker, labourers,  slavery, hard  labour, black grains, poison, timber, sadness, lazy, disease delay, obstacles, vocation, wood, wool, yam, untouchable, iron.
Rahu  (Dragon head, Caput, Ascending node)

Karaka: Research, harsh speech, life in foreign land, dearth and want spot on skin, skin disease, reptile snakes and its bites, poison, epidemics, immortal, women connection, falsehood, cunningness, gambler, stone, leprosy, strength, dignity, expenditure, enmity, handicapped, liquor, inventor, other castes, quarrels, smuggling, spy, suicide, venomous, widow, wrestler, hunter, slavery, short tempered, malechha planet.
Ketu  (Dragon’s tail, Cauda, Descending Node)

Moksha, imprisonment, life in foreign land, leprosy, salvation, suicide, maternal grandfather and grandmother, bitchy, fastidious, fallen, lean, thin, intrigued, woon, spot on body, smoky colour, occultism, religious, astrology, medical practitioner, adulterer, bankruptcy, injury, intercourse, kidnapping, murder, poison, punishment, assassination, injury.

Precious Stones to protect humans from different malefic effects of the navgraha:



Sun                      Ruby                             Sunday

Moon                Pearl                              Monday

Mars                Coral                                Tuesday

Mercury         Emerald                         Wednesday

Jupiter           Yellow Sapphire          Thursday

Venus             Diamond                         Friday

Saturn           Blue Sapphire                Saturday

Rahu              Hessonite                        Wednesday/Saturday

Ketu           Cat’s Eye                            as Suggested



The Mantras to control the malefic effects of navgrah



(Incarnation consecrated to a particular deity)

Om Hraam Hreem Hraum sa Suryaaya namaha




Om Shraam Shreem Shraum sa Chandramase namaha




Om Kraam Kreem Kraum sa Bhaumay namaha




Om Braam Breem braum sa budhaaya namah



Om graam greem graum sa guruve namah



Om draam dreem draum sa shukray namah



Om pram preem praum sa shaneshcharya namah



Om bhraam bhreem bhraum sa raahve namah



Om stream straum sa ketve namah

Topic 4

Motions of the Planets

The Nakshatras are fixed in zodiac and have no movement. The planets through these nakshatras. The planets have their speeds of motion.

PLANET                  MOTION per day (approx)

           SUN   1 degree
           MOON   13 to 15 degrees
           MARS    30 to 45 mins
           MERCURY    65 to 100 mins
           VENUS    62 to 82 mins
           JUPITER    5 to 15 mins
           SATURN    2 mins
           NODE(rahu, ketu)    3 mins


Topic 5


              SUN Soul of all
              MOON Mind
              MARS Strength
              MERCURY Speech giver
              JUPITER Knowledge and happiness
              VENUS Semen (potency)
              SATURN Grief



Sun and Moon Royal status
Mars Army chief
Mercury Prince
Jupiter and Venus Ministers
Saturn Servant
Rahu, ketu Army


           SUN Agni (fire)
           MOON Varuna (water rain God)
           MARS Subrahmanya (lord shiva’s son)
           MERCURY Maha Vishnu
           JUPITER Indra
           VENUS Sachi Devi
           SATURN Brahma



Characteristics of all the Raashis



LORD: Mars


Sun: 10 degree

Slender in stature, middle stature, round eyes, sharp sight, long face and neck ruddy complexion. Dynamic and creative, independent and active, abundant energy, forceful, freedom loving, adventurous, vitality, frank, power to adjust to the circumstances, self confidence, strong willpower, love for art elegance and beauty, is a leader, takes risk for others and likes changes.



LORD: Venus

Exalted: moon 3 degree

Short stature, tendency to corpulence, darkish complexion, square built, big face, chubby thigh, prominent face and eyes, large ears, hands chubby and broad, walks sportingly, good digestive power, moles and marks on the back or sides. In female native, beautiful and attractive.

Practical, reliable, calm and patient, persistent, loving, ambitious, affectionate, artistic, sensuous, trust worthy, warm hearted, strong will, fond of pleasure, love, beauty, and music. Sacrificing and forgiving disposition, imaginative, careful, stamina, conservative outlook, fond of cooking.





LORD: Mercury


Tall and straight in stature, active in motion, thin but well developed face, nose elevated, clear black eyes, curly hairs, depression near chin, sanguine complexion, thick neck, long slenderical hands, fast walk, clear speech.

Intellectual, planner, versatile adaptable, witty, charming, logical, lively, inventive, amusing, youthful, fond of reading, writing, and indoor activities, sensual, artistic, imaginative, good conversational, progressive, versatile, chatty, variety seeker, best for occupation where much activity is needed. Mathematician, inquisitive.



LORD: Moon

Exalted: Jupiter 5 degree

Middle sized stature, full face, fleshy neck, white complexion, nose snubbed a bit, long arms, long face, wide chest, broad waist, walks briskly, not in a straight line.

Domesticated, emotional, sensitive, self-reliant, nervous, intelligent, very frugal, industrialist, intutional mind, perceptive, imaginative, talkative, attached tpo family, hospital, honest, loves justice and fair play, fond of and dexterous in music, adaptable, psychic nature, easily impressed by feelings and thoughts of others and surrounding conditions, fertile imagination and mediumistic faculty, kind, caring, protective, good memory.





Magnetic in appearance, fully developed bones and shoulder, average height, oval face, thoughtful, countenance, fast walk, reddish eyes and complexion, large chin, broad face, frail constitution, commanding appearance and gait, speaks sparingly, a big, round and oval head.

Dynamic, active, warm hearted, ambitious, creative, unimpulsive, courageous, generous, enthusiastic, and broad minded,