One of the most important things about Vaastu Vriddhi is that we offer Vastu services to all sort of clientele both nationally and internationally including Vastu consultations alongside Vastu teaching and Vastu education.

Our Vastu services is not just limited to the site visit, it is quite stretched and is available to all individuals in the field of Vastu education and teaching.

Vastu Site Consultation

At the time of Vastu consultation, our expert is going to offer you necessary information regarding site, plot and soil with complete examination and scrutiny. The kind of projects that we have taken in the past includes all organizations for example hotels, schools, offices and residences.

Site consultation consists of site visit, taking into consideration typography, testing of soil, analyzing environment and directions. The advantages of onsite consultation are exclusively for architects and owner who can interact deeply with regard to their defects and plot so that they get the best out of it.

Vastu Off Site Consultation

Talking about Vastu Off Site Consultation, you will again find a comprehensive consultation where you are going to send your reports including the site map of plot with marked directions so that we can get a proper understanding of the situation. If you are of the opinion that there are some errors in the report that you have sent, you can meet us personally. Off site consultation is ideally suited for those that are looking to get a solution of their problems quickly, as you will be able to contact us whenever you want.

Speaking Engagement

Speaking engagement is quite an important part of our service, which includes workshops, corporate lectures and seminars for housewives, interior designers, students and architects.

Additional Services

Find below details of additional services offered by the Vaastu Vriddhi:

  • Vastu advice for plot selection
  • Vastu advice for construction detail
  • Vastu advice for building renovation
  • Residential vastu
  • Commercial vastu
  • Spiritual vastu
  • Interior designing by vastu shastra
  • Vastu advice for landscaping
  • Vastu services through supervision


Vaastu Vriddhi provides AstroVaastu solutions for life transformation.

  • Planning your home according to the directions
  • Selection of site or inspection of land
  • Balancing the effort of ┬áimbalancement of 5 elements
  • Vaastu rectification with 14 different parameters

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