Vaastu Vriddhi believes in life transformation through vastu rectification .It helps us to get aligned with nature. If fortune and vastu, both are strong, the person gets success easily without any struggle. Vaastu Vriddhi believes intensive study of vastu and astrology and other vedic topics. The main objective to promote vastu and vision of astrology to keep five elements in harmony

Vastu teaches us to be unified with prakriti.

Vastu Shastra is nothing but creating a congenial setting or a place to live or work in a more scientific manner, taking advantage of the benefit bestowed by the five elements. Thereby, paving the way for enhanced health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in an enlightened environment.






If you are looking for a vastu related services, Vaastu Vriddhi is your best option. The most important thing about our organization that we are fully committed to the vastu shastra development and has taken quite a bit of initiative to bring our Vedic culture back by having expertise in Vastu Shastra.

What makes us different from others is our honest attempt in ensuring that everyone has an idea of vastu. Simply put, we are making people aware of the science, which is quite natural. Our main services are Vastu consultation of any sort of residential, spiritual and commercial vastu projects. We offer easy vastu solution at affordable rates. Vaastu Vriddhi is an organization that consists of practicality and knowledge as mandatory tools so that you get the best. We find the issues pertaining to your office or a house and correct it by offering remedies. It is worthwhile pointing out that we do all this by taking into consideration our Vedic culture and motivating the younger generation to follow the identical path.

Our Founder : Vaastu Vriddhi

India – a nation, which is quickly ‘Westernizing’, Vastu Consultant is an entity that stands for the perfect blend of the two worlds, more so, through her redefining the ‘Old’ to suit the ‘New’. we opted for Vaastu Shashtra after years of research, came up with a theory that can easily be applied to wide variety of settings.

A teacher and Vaastu Consultant, We provide services for commercial, residential, spiritual and educational projects.

With architectural talk of the town, how believable is this otherwise obsolete Vaastu Shashtra? We used to such queries and raised-eyebrows and here, her reasoning, “Vaastu is ‘science‘, not myth”, stands up to get rid of all the confusion.

With her experience and vast knowledge, We have foresight to develop Vastu Shastra to tertiary level. To spread the Vastu Shastra knowledge, she has been actively participating as speaker in lots of conferences around the world.

At this point of time, we main focus is Vaastu Consultation, and above all promoting Vaastu Shastra as a “science and not a myth”. Point to be noted here is that ancient India’s synonym for Architecture was ‘Vaastu Kar‘ and according to her, the balancing of energies between the individual and his surrounding plays a significant part.


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