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LORD: mercury

Exalted: Mercury 15 degree

Fair complexion, very handsome and attractive, drooping shoulders and arms, shy, languid eyes, broad face, fine eyes, broad chest, lazy, youthful appearance, quick walk, massive cheekbones, slender body, not tall.

Intelligence, meticulous, quick witted, analytic, fond of sex and females, modest, precise, discriminating, agreeable persons, loves peace and order, good memory, loves music and fine art, methodical, callus, prudent, economical, diplomatical, kind, truthful, witty, charming, emotionally warm and dedicated.



LORD: Venus

Exalted: Saturn 20 degree

Tall, lean, but well proportionate body with long and slender limbs, nose prominent, handsome appearance, very active, fond of walking, fine eyes, broad face and chest. Regular features, get setback in health due to minor causes, but recovers easily, over indulges in sex, curly hairs, lean and thin body with uneven limbs, fair complexion.

Charming, easy going, romantic, idealistic, clean, peace maker, refined, diplomatic, fair sighted, quick witted, positive, intelligent, act impartially as an arbitrator, loves justice, peace and order. Humanitarian, cooperative and sharp reasoning.



LORD: Mars

Exalted: ketu

Tall figure, handsome appearance, broad eyes, broad forehead, forceful personality, well developed bones, round thigh, knees and carves. Broad chest, suffers disease in childhood, fearless eyes, round belly, short thick curly hairs.

Materialistic, emotional, powerful feelings, committed, loyal, imaginative, determined, speak after weighing words, good writer, convertionalist, generous, loves excitement, appreciates luxury, loves fine arts and dancing, dynamic in romance, generous disposition, self critical probing, high power of concentration.



LORD: Jupiter

Exalted: –

Large head, large head, short stature, long face and neck, usually tall, brown hair, fat thighs, belly fleshy, almond eyes, lower teeth and lower lip big, bad nails, good looking, happy smile.

Hasty, dynamic, jovial, sincere, optimistic, versatile, open and fair minded, philosophical, frank, visionary, religious, impulsive, active, enterprising, religious, sacrificing nature, god fearing, honest, humble, sympathetic, energetic, orthodox, good speech, hates external show and hypocrisy, happy go lucky, inspiring.



LORD: Saturn

Exalted: Mars 28 degree

Tall, lean, stiff all over body, big head, big neck, thin face, not fleshy, large teeth, lower lip, thin body, reddish brown colour, thin waist, thick and long hands and legs, weak lower limb.

Most practical, stoical to mischief of life, strong will, ambitious, determined, good organising, reliable, careful, prudent, disciplined, patience, persevering, hard working, accept advice, tendered, good stamina, talkative, respects sympathy, generosity and philanthropy.



LORD: Saturn

Exalted: –┬áHandsome countenance, attractive appearance, kind and elegant disposition, fleshy lips, broad cheeks, prominent temples and butt locks, large body like pitchers, fair looking and dark hair.

Humanitarian, independent, friendly, willing, progressive, original, inventive, loyal, idealistic, rational, generous, fortune waves and wanes, capable of hard labour, trying journeys, good conversationalist, devoted to life partners, makes friends very easily, prone to misunderstood, owing to humanitarian, doctrine, covetous, sensual, wherever goes leaves an indelible impression, communicative, devoted to family.



LORD: Jupiter

Exalted: Venus 27 degree

Fair, stout, middle sized height, lustrous face, fine body, large face, prominent nose, beautiful eyes, proportionate limbs, full and chubby figure, round shoulders, broad belly, silky and light hairs.

Compassionate, religious, god-fearing, superstitious, orthodox, reserved, learned, artistic, grateful, artistic, kind, sympathetic, intuitive, adaptable, receptive, easily impressed by the feelings and thoughts of others, satisfied with wife and fortune, inclined to change, psychic nature, shy, helpful, hospitable, overcome enemies, reserved in manners.