Talking about Vastu effects, it is an inherent energy science concept. It is worthwhile mentioning that you cannot see energy through naked eyes but yes you can experience its effects in different fashions and forms.

Universe is one of the magnificent creations of nature and everything stands alive only in the limelight of truth. Similar to other aspects of human being, Vastu is governed with guidelines and regulations. You cannot ignore these regulations.

Vastu to prevent theft

If your house does not conform to Vastu guidelines, you will find that situations like theft are going to arise.

Vastu advice for career

In this day and age, every individual is interested in making a successful career. But for that to happen, you need to have balanced energy levels. Vastu provides you exactly that.

Vastu for success

Everybody wants to attain success but until and unless you follow a right kind of Vastu guidelines, it is not going to be possible.

Impact of south-east facing property

If your house face south-east direction, things are not going to run smoothly for you as it is widely been regarded as the place of agni. Vastu can help you in dealing with such situations.

Vastu for wealth

There is a direct linkage between Vastu and wealth. By using Vastu in a proper manner, you do not need to worry about the wealth.

Vastu advice for prosperity

By applying Vastu concepts properly, you are not only going to get a peace of mind but also prosperity.

Keep the front gate clean

By keeping your front gate clean, you are not going to face issues in terms of money.

Improving your business with Vastu tips

If you are not happy with the current level of your business, use of Vastu can help you immensely. Just stick to the Vastu guidelines and the result will follow.


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