Ans: The answer of this question lies in the fact that Sun, as our ancestor is the only heat and light source for us. We are able to live because of sun. That’s why, the Sun, rising Sun is like a god, who create environment that is tailor made for human being, and the direction from where it can be seen is treated as reference as the EAST direction. Because of this, the East direction is widely been regarded as the pious direction from where we get our main essentials. The facing direction is going to be East if you face the rising sun. Behind that there is going to be West. On the other hand, our left hand signify North direction while the right hand signify South direction, and that is where, the impact of the direction leads to its result to the house construction and building.

Ans: Talking about Vaastu Shastra, it is a science that deals with the development of houses, temples and so on. It plays a significant part in reading the characteristic of houses and depicts the impact of it to the people that are living.

Ruling Deity: Varuna

Ruling Planet: Saturn

This direction helps us to realise the importance of light after darkness.

The lord of this direction heralds the power to see the unknown indarkness and motivates us to welcome the advent of celestial light.