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Vaastu is the science of harmony. The term ‘vaastu’ means Prakriti, nature, surrounding or environment. It is a Vidya which we received from the Vedas. In the pre-Aryans age, in India, they worshipped only the nature.

“Boothangal engum pulappadum

Sakhiyal portruhinrom—

Vedangal Sonnapadi Manitharal Menmayura Seyya Vendumenre”

This is an extract which means, we salute The Shakti- the great power which is seen in the Panchbhoothas. The great five elements, namely

Sky, earth, rain, air, and fire to uplift mankind according to the dictums of Vedas.

All the Vedas therefore chant and worship nature like

  • Antrikshaya Shanti
  • Aakshaya Shanti
  • Prithiviye Shanti
  • Vayuve Shanti
  • Agniye Shanti
  • Varunaye Shanti
  • Vanaspathaye Shanti
  • Om Shanti, Om Shanti, Om Shanti

Our saints were aware of the secrets of The Panch Mahabhootas

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